Choose the Best Mobile App Development Platform to Enjoy a Dedicated Mobile Experience

You may have several reasons to get an app developed. You may either require a business app to promote it, or just wish to turn your sporadic ideas into reality, it is important to note that there is no magic potion in this space as each approach has its set of advantages and drawbacks. To get your app off the ground, it is essential to have a fair understanding about the technology choices involved, kind of app that would work for you and the right app development platform as per your requirement.


Today, there are several mobile app development platforms available in the market that can help you build an app within your budget. With iPhone and Android apps flooding the market, the major players in this realm have made it easier for developer’s to develop an app in much less time. However, each platform has its own share of pros and cons.

Listed below are some of the prominent cross-platform mobile app development platforms that would allow you to enjoy a dedicated mobile experience, while increasing user engagement and better return on investment:

  • Phone Gap: This tool is capable of running apps on different operating systems such as Android, iOS, blackberry, symbian and more as it can integrate different languages. This tool uses native app wrapper and gets integrated with the browser.
  • Whoop: This mobile app development platform functions well with all major operating systems including, Windows, Android, iOS, iPhone and others and is quite simple to use and is apt for newbie developers.
  • Appcelerator: This platform allows developers to create native apps that easily run of various devices including smart phones, tablets and desktops. By making use of several development languages such as Python, Ruby on Rails etc it allows you to assess the performance of an app.
  • Corona Labs: This tool supports all major platforms including Windows, Android, and iOS. It is designed for creating educational apps and 2D graphics games.

The aforementioned app development tools allow developers to share code across different platforms, rather than beginning from scratch each time. One can enjoy reduced costs, faster time to market, while leverage upon existing skill set of developers by using any of the aforementioned tools.


About AppsGenies

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