Augment the Apple Tv Experience by Indulging in Apple tv Apps Development

In this technology driven world, Apple TV is the next big thing to look out for. This new and exciting platform offers world of opportunities for app developers and designers. While Apple with its mobile app store platform created a new digital economy, the same is expected from the new Apple TV app store. From gaming to entertainment, this new piece of technology allows development of apps for all genres.


Gone are the days when watching conventional television had become a norm. Today, small media power boxes like Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku etc have revolutionized the way users watch and interact with the idiot box. With increased capabilities such as 4k/ UHD support, picture in picture and siri, the new Apple TV has become a powerful computer in itself. With intent to augment the Apple TV experience, developers utilize their skill and knowledge to offer Apple tv app development.

Developing an app on the App Store for Apple TV requires lot of time and efforts. Collated below are some useful tips that could save you some time. Have a look:

  • Fix the Apple TV remote to your Mac: Though, the simulator provides for a faster edit-build-run cycle, it is quite cumbersome. Instead of invoking the on-screen remote overlay, you can pair the actual remote with your Mac by unpairing it from the AppleTV device first. This can make the development life cycle less complicated.
  • Save video from an AppleTV: If you wish to capture some footage from a running device for the sake of promoting an AppleTV app, it would not be feasible. While an HDMI capture device can help you accomplish this, but since it is expensive and lead to video compression, it is not a good option. Connecting your Apple TV to a Mac by using a USB-C cable is certainly a better option.
  • Use iOS CocoaPods: During the development of Apple tv apps, there might be requirement of using third party open source libraries. To incorporate these libraries, Cocoa Pods could be used. Since, the podspec files had not been updated for tvOS, incorporating them becomes difficult. To add support for tvOS, modifying the podspec files becomes essential. With this, these pods could be used right away.

With the aforementioned tips in mind, app developers offering Apple tv app development can enjoy a smooth development journey, while reap in the benefits that this new technology promises to offer.


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