Design & Development Tips: Focusing on User Interface for Mobile Application Design

We all have used smartphones and downloaded apps on them. It all seems so easy and uncomplicated at our stage of end-use of the apps that we don’t ever wonder what happens in the stages of development. When it comes to Mobile Application Design, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are two vital parts that can’t be ignored. These components are what constitute a good or a bad app experience and determine the success of your app.

Let us highlight a few important design tips that will help improve the look and feel of the app when it is being developed.

mobile application development

  • Pay Attention to the Concept of Responsive Design

While designing the UI for a mobile application, you must keep in mind that the app should be completely usable on a variety of devices and operating systems across varied mobiles. Whether it requires tweaking media queries, CSS or JavaScript, focus special emphasis must be given to handling issues related to displaying the app on multiple devices.

  •  Iterate User Interface Designs

As the developer of an app, it is a great idea to iterate the UI design options so you can achieve apps that are completely engaging and can retain the attention of your target audience. Remember, with every successive iteration a valuable lesson will be learned which can be used and re-applied in your next design and development project.

  • UI Design must Take into Account Security and Compliance Issues

Usually, security & 508 compliance for accessibility are taken into account at later stages of Mobile App Development, which results in a more project execution time. It is essential for you to consult with your back-end team and also middleware experts to make sure that the right set of data is put forth in an appropriate manner. Effective UI design means special importance is given to reducing the learning curve for all app users. Also, a considerable rise in the app user’s productivity is ensured.

  •    Focus on UI so it Keeps Wooing the Users Till the End

Today, a majority of clients misinterpret the phrase “keep things simple.” It is not necessary that the design process is kept, minimalist. Keeping things simple also refers to a phenomenon wherein first-time users of your app open it and begin using the same without having to go through detailed guides.

A simple UI will allow users to perform multiple tasks using few simple steps. For example, using effective colors will allow you to keep the app’s interface as uncomplicated as possible. This will encourage the users to download the app and prompt them to return to the app on a regular basis.


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