Your Guide to a Better iOS App Design

Check out the following tips for building a better iOS app design –

  • Content Wins Over Interface

    Always allow adequate space to the content strategists and developers. For instance, displaying a second bar at the top of that screen that only helps show brand assets will leave less room for compelling content. You should defer to the users’ content and think of less intrusive ways to show pervasive branding, like using the custom font or tint, or subtly customizing the background of a screen.


  • Delay the Log-in Step

Delay that log-in step for as long as you can. It is ideal if the users can navigate through the app and use its functionality without having to sign in. For instance, the App Store does not ask its users to log in till they decide to download or buy something. Users tend to abandon apps that compel them to log in even before they explore and stumble  upon anything useful.

  • Avoid a Trip to the ‘Settings’ By Building It Right

    “If possible, try not to send the users to Settings. It is important to note that users can’t open the Settings on an iOS device without switching away from the app, and you should not encourage this step.

    Your iOS App Design should continue to function smoothly in a predictable course expected by the users. For that, you should remove the need for exiting the app and changing the settings. However, if you must provide settings that users seldom need to alter, check out the Settings Bundle on the iOS App Guide for Programming to support it in your code.

  • Design an Experience That Never Encourages Users to Quit

    An iOS app does not display the option to Quit or Close. Users stop using their iOS app when they want to switch to another app. What they norm is that they return to the Home screen or put their device in sleep mode. So do not keep crosses and minus signs.


  • Don’t Please All, Just Most of the TA

    You should concentrate Focus on the needs of 80 percent of your users. When you do so, most people won’t need to supply any settings as the app would already be set to behave the way the users expect. If there is a specific functionality needed only by a few users or required only once, consider leaving it out.


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