Different Types of Android Apps Targeted to Help Businesses

Note to all those android application development companies out there, here is a list of different kinds of android apps that businesses today rely on for smoother operations. You can aim at designing these to bring diversity and give weight to your portfolio. Here is a list of app categories (along with app names for references and quality standard) to enlighten developers as to how advanced the industry is getting and that they ought to up their game.

  1. Email Management Apps

Emails have given people a platform that has kept them online since the initiation of the Internet revolution. And since emails also constitute majority of a business’ communication process and operations, it is safe to regard emails as a life-support system for regional as well as global businesses. Android application development companies must plan to develop email management apps that stand as portable offices. The email server of a company can be synced with the users’ smart device (like a smart phone) when they beg into use Exchange for Android and similar email management Android apps. Or, they could be using an email management Android app designed by your team!

  1. Mind-Mapping Apps

Users may use their fingers as markers once they find a notebook in their Android smart phone. Nowadays, it is simpler to carry out mind-mapping while your target audience is on the move. Different mind-mapping tools are easily integrated using apps such as Space Pro. Apps like Whiteboard help users plan things in advance and offer great utility. Designing and developing a mind-mapping application like that will be a good experience for your business and shall show your team’s depth of expertise.


  1. Conferencing Apps

Communication is at the foundation of any and every business. And amongst a different variety of communication, the most convenient and time-saving is the conference call. Businesses don’t have to book a conference room in advance and can easily bring all executives on the same page, even if they are sitting in a different geographic location. And don’t forget the cost reduction when the professionals use apps like Google Voice instead of flying down or making international calls. So get down to do R&D for conferencing apps and brainstorm your ideas as the concept is hot and will not become redundant anytime soon.

Android application development company may also like to learn more and explore documentation apps (like Documents to Go, Gmote and Quick office) and travel apps (like Pro On Go Expense and Car Locator).


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