Getting an iOS Mobile App Indexed by Google

Since mobile technology has changed the way users access the internet, developers must ensure that content on mobile apps is highly accessible by users. In the past few years, this process was relatively siloed due to different URLs for desktop, mobile content and apps at the App Store.

But as people are now consuming more content from their mobile devices (say iPhones), the URLs and means are converging making it necessary for all of the different content locations to be linked together. We are evolving the way we manage our web as well as mobile content. But how would we enhance the interaction between such different platforms? Well, getting your iOS app indexed on Google is a crucial part of iOS mobile application development and so it must be given time and attention.

There must be a single URL that takes the user to the most suitable version of content based on their customized context. For that, we must ensure the correct implementation of deep linking of an app to a particular screen. Applications based on Apple’s operating system should have quality web page content to allow the app to rank higher in mobile search.

main-logoSteps to get you iOS apps indexed

  • Support HTTP links in the iOS app by establishing support for Universal Links.

To support universal links in an iOS app, one needs to ensure that the app can handle these links correctly by implementing the UIApplicationDelegate protocol, in the case does not already use it. You can then associate the app with the domain.

Add an entitlement file of ‘associated domains’ to your app’s project in XCode. Upload the ‘apple app site association’ file to all of the domains with the content your iOS application supports.

  • Register the app using Google App Indexing for iOS 9

Add the Google App Indexing SDK to the app using the dependency manager for iOS projects by Coco a Pod. This will help you register your app on Google (much like Android applications are registered using Search Console). And, congratulations! Google can now read your ‘apple app site association’ file to understand and allow opening the right URLs through your iOS mobile application development app.

  • Test your implementation

You should test the effectiveness of the et up by tapping a universal link on Safari on your iPhone,  iPad or any other device using iOS 9.Check if it opens the correct location on your app.


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