Smart Tips for Quick iOS Development

App developers are constantly searching for new ways to automate and enhance their workflow. Be it a simple script to automate a common task or learn a keyboard of text editor, developers seek to speed up the process of iOS app development. The following points will teach you how to streamline and speed up your work with Xcode.


  1. Cocoapods

Cocoapods, which is a tool for handling dependency in Xcode projects, is gaining traction. Due to its popularity, several third party libraries have now been upgraded to support the functionality. If you are done with the manual management of third party libraries for iOS projects, then Cocoapods is a good place to start.

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts

All Xcode commands have keyboard shortcuts that you can learn to cut down on the time consumed for development. You must take out time to study keyboard shortcuts and learn them. Usage of these will help you increase your efficiency. If you can’t get the hang of keyboard shortcuts, you can even customize the default keyboard shortcut of Xcode in the Preferences window. You can find it under the tab of Key Bindings.

  1. Code Snippets

If you develop iOS apps, the chances are that you use a code snippet or a text snippet manager, like CodeBox or TextExpander. But you should opt to use the Xcode snippet manager that resides in the right sidebar, beside the Object Library.

Here, every snippet has some extra attributes that make the snippets more flexible and powerful. Each of them has a Language and a Platform attribute along with a completion scope, which allows it to integrate neatly with the Xcode editor. Also, every snippet has multiple placeholders.

  1. Xcode Behaviors

Xcode is known to be a powerful editor and it will only get better over the coming years. Its Behaviors functionality can be defined so you can command Xcode what to do when a specific event occurs, like when a crash takes place during debugging or when you successfully archive application.

If you wish to configure these Behaviors, you can do so in Xcode’s Preferences Window. You may even disable it in the Behaviors panel. Apart from this, Xcode Behaviors can even display Issues Navigator when a test is failed. Xcode predefines different common behaviors for you, including Build, Running, and Testing.

You can also speed up the development for iOS apps via documentation, new windows, and tabs.


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