Android App Development: Boost your App’s Visual Appeal with these UI Design Tips

When developing an app for Android, style may not trump functionality but it always plays an equally important role. The visual appeal of your app is crucial drawing attention and deciding whether or not your Android app is a success. Check out these top tips for Android app development. These User Interface design tips will help you enhance the look of your next app.


Use Fonts Sizes and Font Styles that are Large and Legible

Just like a bad color scheme can ruin the look, wacky font styles can make life difficult for someone trying to comprehend what is written. Stick to the conventional fonts that are proven to make reading the text easier. The font size of the text also plays a crucial role. You can make the font large, but don’t lose out on the balance with other screen features.

The designers of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0 version) have designed a new font for this platform. It is called Roboto and is highly legible on your Android mobile devices.

Use Consistent Lighting for 3D Effects

The latest versions of Android use trends like 3D icons and holograph styling. If you are providing controls with styling like drop shadows, make sure you have consistent lighting so the shadows are consistently oriented on the screen. Similarly with gradients, make use of consistent values in your graphic editor software to create consistent textures and gradients.

Increase Contrast with Color Schemes for Better Viewing

As an app developer, you need to design an application with a screen that makes it easy to read and navigate. For this, you need to use high contrasting color schemes on the screen so that viewing is made easy for people and they do not have to strain their eyes. You can begin with the color schemes provided in the system resources.

Use Appropriately Sized Graphics

The ‘one size fits all’ approach does not always work in Android development. It may make for easier resource management, but it can bring down the visual value of the app. You have to insert graphics with customized dimensions for specific device screens as alternative resources. The appropriate graphics are loaded at runtime, leading to a better user experience. Apart from the size, you must also pay attention to the formatting. Android supports several media formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP and BMP. PNG is ideal for lossless images and JPEG’s quality can be tweaked. For best results, use Nine-Patch for stretchable graphics and WebP instead of JPEG.

Use Rounded Corners for Softer Look of User Interface

Each user interface control, like ImageView or Button, takes up the rectangle of pixels on the screen but it needn’t be harsh and pointy at those corners. You can soften the UI look by using round corners available on your controls, much like a Web style.


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